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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Aeolus, Ruler of Neo Arcadia.

"Your time's up... fool."

Born of British parents who opted to surrender their child prodigy to Neo Arcadia's Aesir project, Aeolus spent his childhood in study and training rather than in play. Considered cold and arrogant, Aeolus is nonetheless highly intelligent and efficient at his job, and rose quickly to rank of commanding Aesir. Training under Harpuia to serve the citizens of Neo Arcadia, the two came terms with one another quickly, operating under a professionalism and respect that the Guardian finds refreshing, though she has quietly criticized him for his lack of compassion in command. Critical and bold, and incredibly sharp, he has little tolerance for stupidity, unafraid to berate ally or enemy for an offense; because of this, he holds a rather aristocratic or even egoist around him that seems to instantly ignite devotion, intimidation or anger in those he meets. A firm believer in meritocracy and hater of humanity's ignorance, his devotion to Neo Arcadia masks a frightening, deep-rooted belief system of such, along with a hidden agenda that only the other Aesir could know or understand.

Recent History

After the events that lead to Neo Arcadia being forcibly merged with the present world, Aeolus found himself holding the reigns of command over the whole city. With the demise of Master X and the subsequent betrayal and defeat of Master Albert, Aeolus was next in line to assume the throne - the Guardians preferring to join the Hunters in order to learn more about their "father", X. Aeolus' sharply critical attitude and arrogance have since melted in the face of responsibility, and he has become the capable leader Harpuia believed he could become. His reign still in its infancy, he faces the enormous challenge of both rebuilding Neo Arcadia in its post-war bedlam, protecting the secret of Humanoid technology from those who would misuse it, and negotiating for allies against the burgeoning military threat of Darkland at its borders.

Aeolus has also recently become engaged to fellow Aesir, Atlas.


Possibly A Bigger Jerk Than Denji Nobako, WIPE YOUR FEET DAMMIT!, Perfectionist, Frequently Disappointed In You, Scowled And His Face Stuck That Way, Misanthrope, Originally Human.