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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.
Alexander Skye
[[Image:|200px|Alexander Skye]]
Name Alexander Skye
Species Human/FMian
Gender Male
Faction Civilians
Division Corporate
Character Type Original Character

"I don't see an end. I see a bright and beautiful future between two worlds that were meant to stand together in this galaxy."


Alexander Skye is the youngest corporation proprietor in the business world today, following the passing of his late father's cyber-tech development company, SkyeTech, into his hands. Still in his late teens, Alex is the subject of much publicity and fame, already married to his wife, Zaira, and taking the helm as his company pushes onward to become number one in the field of wave technology development. What few know is this is the result of being the host and friend of an FMian named Perseus, who was involved in the events that destroyed AM, and who desperately fights to make amends by ending the fighting going on between his world and Alex's. While once resentful and full of hatred at the world, love and bonds grew within Alex's life, helping to bring him back into the stable but passionate young man he is, fighting with a purpose and a future for him and his wife, and the people of Earth and FM.

Recent History[]

--An attack from FM forces on him and Zaira led to the death of Cassiopeia, Zaira's partner, and sent Zaira into a coma for some time. This event prompted Alex to finally sell SkyeTech to Paradigm, and he's currently working on joining with WAXA against Andromeda now that Zaira's reawakened.



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