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Andromeda, Mobile Form
Andromeda, Mobile Form
Name Andromeda
Species EM Weapon
Gender None
Faction Criminal
Division Fmians
Character Type NPC Monster

General Info

A living, planet-destroying weapon, existing either as a legendary beast from the FMian homeworld, or as a manufactured weapon of mass destruction. Andromeda is semi-sentient, and responds to commands given by whomever possesses its control device, called the Andromeda Key. Andromeda requires vast amounts of Negative Energy to operate, which it gathers by absorbing Negative Energy through the Andromeda Key, by transforming living beings into Z-Waves and consuming them, or by devouring other EMian entities. Andromeda is described as the "Lonely Giant", and emits a Z-Wave frequency that poisons its surroundings, causing living beings to produce Negative Energy for its consumption.

Andromeda was used to destroy the AMian homeworld, and is slowly approaching Earth with the same execution orders in mind.

Andromeda, Battle Form