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Not Canon
This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.
Name Berkana
Species Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Federation
Division Reploid Research Group
Character Type Feature Character

"Oh, there will always be those who object to the path I took. I knew that full well. But it is within my nature, my purpose, to further the children I have made my own, the reploids. You will see their true power... and you will come to know and understand."


Berkana was a respected and dignified researcher, a reploid who helped pave the way for DNA and neural net research within the Reploid Research Group. Gifted with a brilliant and diverse mind and enough tact to charm and persuade her way up through the ranks, she eventually fell into the possession of the newest research facility on Laguz Island but disappeared shortly after; she has since begun to cooperate with rallying up a Maverick cause, one which can overthrow the humans she sees as impeding reploid progress. Accompanied by her faithful knight, Gareth, she herself has both wit, and might in the form of magic-like fire and ice technology, though she prefers not to flaunt her power unless necessary. Charming and a reckless flirt, but proud and bold, she's easy to get along with and enjoys the company of others and a good discussion... as long as they stay on her good side.

Berkana. Art by Sikibukun.

General Information[]

  • No, she doesn't drink tea, and she doesn't wear glasses. She might have the kitty, though.
  • Had a hand in reviving Vile.