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The Last of Mu: Solo
The Last of Mu: Solo
Name Solo
Species Wave-Human
Gender Male
Faction Criminals
Division Rogues
Character Type Feature Character


Quote: "You go on about friends, and bonds, and link power... and no matter how many times I knock you down you get back up, still blathering the same old nonsense. Everything you say- No, your VERY EXISTENCE, denies mine."

The last living remnant of the ancient tribe of Mu, Solo has lived a solitary existence since all the rest of his already-small tribe gave their lives to seal away Ra Mu, the godlike being that their ancestors created as the ultimate wave-based lifeform. Feared and reviled by normal human beings for the powers that are inherent to his tribe, he has known no love or friendship for as long as he can remember- only aggression and abuse from those who are afraid of him, and would be no match for him individually. As a resulting, the person that he is today is bitter, associating the idea of friendship with weakness... and he is wary of friendship in others, often fearing that people will band together solely to take up arms against him once again. As a descendant of the tribe of Mu, Solo possesses the natural ability to view the wave world, as well as interact with it and even wave-change into his own formidable battle-form, code-named "Bly".

Recent History[]

  • Bly assaulted Bass, believing Bass to be a possessor of Evil Energy. Why Bly would attack for that reason is known only to him.
  • Bly has shown passing interest in the Andromeda Key.
  • Bly has decided that Sigma needs to die.


Bly Form
Bly Form
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  • "Suddenly Bly" became a meme on 22XX Mush after watching a few episodes of the Ryuusei No Rockman Tribe anime, after Blues' player noted that Bly's only real purpose seemed to be to suddenly appear and start kicking asses. "It's just suddenly Bly!".

Other Artwork and Videos[]


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