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So you've had some fun RPing with your character but now the IC winds have changed and it's time for them to adapt accordingly? No problem, just fill out a Character Change Request as below and send it to mmvapp@antiverse.org.

To: mmvapp@antiverse.org

From: CoralReefsAreAwesome@gmail.com

Subject: Character Change Request - Hydro Formans


Originally an industrial reploid, Hydro has been upgraded once already to a front-line Hunter. Despite these upgrades however, he still regularly finds himself outgunned against the mavericks he and Aqua have encountered, and has discovered limitations of his current weapon systems.


Hydro wants a combat upgrade from the Maverick Hunters that contains the following:

  • Armor up to the standard of a front-line defensive reploid. He's willing to sacrifice some mobility to take better hits.
  • A strong forcefield system that can handle repeated strikes from ranged attacks. Beam swords will probably go through unless he focuses on it and two or three would be too much.
  • The ability to control water, whether through his forcefields or otherwise, and to be able to throw it with damaging force. This would include balls, waves, etcetera. Only the water Hydro stores internally would be affected by this.


Despite a loss record he takes personally, Hydro has served the Hunters dutifully, doesn't hesitate to take missions at the drop of a hat, and spends an inordinate amount of time training in an attempt to improve himself on missions.

The overall scope of these upgrades would put him at the Hunter's normal standard of an elite combat unit, but not so high that he would be a powerhouse even amongst that crowd; it will bring him fully up to Hunter combat standard.

Hydro's forcefield system isn't perfect; enough force can wear it down, and even if it holds, he has a limited supply of energy to power it with and can be outlasted. Hydro pairs with Aqua's offensive style to overcome this, but in a one-on-one fight is a slow but doable fight for a well trained military reploid.