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Corn Party!

<OOC> Sigma crawls. So.. hungry. ;_;
<OOC> Sigma gonna do his pose, then make something to eat mang. C_C
<OOC> Lumine says, "OK!"
<OOC> Lumine says, "Alas, I have no X, Axl or Zero in me"
<OOC> Sigma says, "THat's why"
<OOC> Sigma says, "Sigma is the mightiest!! E_E"
<OOC> Lumine sagenods
<OOC> Lumine says, "Yeah, because if X was in here then pfff, you'd be toast"
<OOC> Lumine runs
<OOC> Sigma says, "Just wait."
<OOC> Sigma will molest that guy one day
<OOC> Lumine has seen pictures
<OOC> Sigma says, "you've probably drawn pictures, what are you talking about!! C_C_"
<OOC> Sigma imagines Sigma violating X with a corn cob now for some reason.
<OOC> Sigma might just be too hungry.
<OOC> Sigma AFKs man.
<OOC> Lumine says, "God I would never draw Sigma porn unless it was a joke."
<OOC> Sigma says, "exactly."
<OOC> Sigma says, "ex..act..ly."
<OOC> Lumine says, "I have never drawn Sigma porn, I'll put it that way"
<OOC> Sigma says, "yet."
<OOC> Lumine says, "Though on gelboru and such, I have seen Sigma/Zero for some reason"
<OOC> Sigma says, "ew"
<OOC> Sigma is finding the idea of putting a hot buttery corn cob in his ass funny as hell, tho.
<OOC> Lumine says, "(sparkly Zero)"
<OOC> Lumine says, "I liek corm"
<OOC> Sigma says, "Zero showering. "ya hm yeah, gotta wash that girl right out of my hair. o/`'"
<OOC> Lumine says, "Oh god"
<OOC> Sigma says, "Sigma busts in. "CORN COB ATTACK" "OH GOD!!""
<OOC> Lumine falls out of his chair.
<OOC> Sigma says, "Zero waddles out of the bathroom at top speed, holding a washcloth over his johnson with a hotn'buttery coming out of his ventrals, "YOU'RE SICK MAN!! C_C YOU'RE SICK!!" "YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR THE ENEMY AT ANY TIME!!" "I'M READY FOR THE ENEMY NOT LUNCH!! C_C""
<OOC> Sigma says, "Runs past X, "OH GOD IT'S STILL WARM""
<OOC> Sigma says, "X: D: . . . ."