22XX Wiki
Name Duo
Species Android
Gender Male
Faction Unknown
Division Unknown
Character Type Staff NPC

General Info

Created by the Ancients, an unknown race of biological beings somewhere within our galaxy, no one is certain how old Duo is, or how long he has been pursuing his given task. An android of considerable power, Duo's first known appearance on Earth was during the Wily Wars, when he crashed landed on Earth in pursuit of another android that was composed of or carrying Evil Energy. Duo made fast friends with Rock and Blues (and even Bass) while searching for and destroying the Evil Energy he found on the planet. Gifted with a strong sense of justice, Duo actively seeks to protect the galaxy - perhaps even the universe - from evil it cannot yet defend itself from.

Duo has not been seen on earth since the 2010's, though some conspiracy theorists say that it was none other than Duo's enormous handprint etched into asteroid 2202XA8.

Duo, Original Form

Duo.EXE (Wave Form)