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[Public] Tornado Man snatches Bullet and brings her back to his Silo
[Public] Pearl says, "So do you just have this big... silo-prison for girls going on, or something?"
[Public] Quantum Hyena peers at Tornado Man.
[Public] Vulcan Tarantula says, "He's building his own personal harem."
[Public] Quantum Hyena says, "Have you been holding out on me, man?"
[Public] Pearl says, "Put it on-grid already."
[Public] Berkana waves from inside the silo to Bullet. "He take you too?"
[Public] Tornado Man says, ".....I am trying horribly not to turn it into that, but...."
[Public] Tornado Man says, "I.... actually very much could"
[Public] Tornado Man says, "It's not like I lack the space"
[Public] Pearl says, "Wait, he has a silo? On-grid, IC?"
[Public] Tornado Man says, "Also, Quantum, why do you think I am 'hiring' you to help with the silo's 'circuits'"
[Public] Quantum Hyena says, "I love you man."
[Public] Tornado Man says, "IC yes, gird coded, no"
[Public] Quantum Hyena says, "In a totally platonic, not-Bruno way."
[Public] Pearl says, "Huh."
[Public] Tornado Man says, "Hey, hey, hey.... I do not swing that way, sorry, bud"
[Public] Bullet blinks at Berkana. "How many of us are in here??"
[Public] Bullet says, "Oh well, this can't possibly be worse than being Apollo flame's slave."
[Public] Quantum Hyena says, "Oh ye of little faith."
[Public] Vulcan Tarantula says, "Ah, Tornado. That reminds me. Do you get a lot of people trying to attack your silo?"
[Public] Tornado Man says, "No, and I hope to keep it that way"
[Public] Tornado Man says, "Actually.... do you plan to keep all of those guns... permanently?"
[Public] Bullet says, "god now I just had a mental flashback to the three amigos."
[Public] Vulcan Tarantula says, "... they're /part of my body/!"
[Public] Vulcan Tarantula says, "I should /hope/ I plan to keep them!"
[Public] Bullet says, "| Berkana pats Bullet on the shoulder. "Tonight you are to be El Tornado's woman. Do you know anything about foreplay?" Bullet: D: "No..." Berkana: "Good, neither does El Tornado.""
[Public] Quantum Hyena XD
[Public] Vulcan Tarantula chokes
[Public] Tornado Man dies
[Public] Quantum Hyena can't breathe anymore.
[Public] Berkana snickers.
[Public] Alia just cackles.
[Public] Quantum Hyena says, "This is going to become a meme, isn't it?"
[Public] Vulcan Tarantula says, "It has to."
[Public] Tornado Man gets to work on that right now
[Public] Berkana says, "Silo Harem?"
[Public] Tornado Man says, "That's not-- ...no, no, not gonna... yes I am"
[Public] Tornado Man says, "That's not the only 'silo' around here"
[Public] Tornado Man flees