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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Satellite map of Europe.

In the last several years, our game world's Europe has undergone some upheaval and changes. New nations and alliances have formed, and the face of several nations have changed, while old threats are creeping out of the past and back into the present. The following is a list of notable European countries within the confines of our theme:

The United Kingdom[]

Financial and social upheavals have restored Britain's flagging economy and strengthened its national pride. Britain is cornering defensive cyberspace technologies, and boasts an impenetrable firewall around its entire cyberspace network, which prevents its automated defenses from going offline - a point that sets it at odds with Darkland, who are the barbarians at the gate that the UK wishes to keep out. The UK is synonymous with the MMBN nation of Brightland (Creamland).


A consortium of France, Spain, Italy and Greece: Failing socialist economic structures and high rate of civil unrest and unemployment lead to the formation of the Human Advancement and Labor Organization (HALO) party, which swept national elections in all four countries, and unified them as states of the sovereign Darkland Republic. Darkland is renown for its military strength and anti-AI stance, as well becoming the birthplace of Dominionist ideology. Darkland's swift conquest of neighboring Portugal has made it a global worry, and was one of the chief factors in the formation of the Federation.


Salvaging its economy by withdrawing from the EU (and eventually causing the EU's economic collapse), the German people have continued to steadily upgrade themselves in the latest technology. Investing in cyberspace technologies, Germany has become the defacto financial authority in Europe, overshadowing even the security of Swiss banks. Germany has remained decidedly neutral despite the brewing threat of European warfare or Darklandian conquest.


With aid from the United States, Poland has rapidly launched itself into the arms market. Pinched between Darkland and the resurgence of an aggressive neo-communist Russia, Poland has not forgotten the scars of occupation and conquest, and has sworn it will never be conquered again. Poland boasts a strong space, robotics, weapons and large arms industry, and has made several treaties with Great Britain and the new Sharo Alliance for defensive technologies and mineral and manufacturing deals.

The Sharo Alliance[]

Comprised of a united Balkan front (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine), the Sharo Alliance has pooled resources and defenses to bootstrap its industrial complex in the face of a Russian threat. Force Metal discovered in the Ukraine has made it one of the up and coming nations in terms of GNP and wealth. Estonia's tiger technologies market has made Sharo a formidable cybermilitary force, specializing in satellite and wave technologies. Poland and Sharo have tightened their alliances for collective security.

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