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In-Character Knowledge[]


Force Metal is a mineral substance mined from the asteroid 2208XA8, which crashed into the South Pacific ocean in 2208 BC (hence the naming of the asteroid). Force Metal is an extra-terrestrial substance; its composition is widely varied, so much so that that even small amounts of it give off different energy properties. When carefully refined, Force Metal can be applied to Reploids in the form of chips or single-use grenade-like weapons. Force Metal can partially sustain a reploid's energy needs through ambient radiation, as well as enhance a reploid's intelligence and perception by acting as a CPU booster. This is not without its cost; too much Force Metal applied to a reploid can bring about Erosion, making the reploid's systems unstable at best, and causing the reploid to go insane at worst.

Force Metal's exact nature is not fully understood by current science. Research is ongoing.

Out-of-Character Knowledge[]

Force Metal is a non-sapient living inorganic metallic crystal, capable of being grown and cultivated like mushrooms. Force Metal was originally a food source for beings created by the Ancients. Force Metal produces Z-Waves of varying types, some sustaining, some poisonous to Emians; when applied to reploids, Force Metal provides a protective buffer against the debilitating effect Z-Waves have on robotic systems. Force Metal's composition is arranged in a fashion that allows it be used like a molecular computer. It enhances reploid intelligence and perception by acting as an extra processor - which is why, when applied too liberally, it causes insanity - the reploid is "overclocked" to the point where its electronic processors and housing can no longer keep up with the information that is being fed to it. Force Metal enhances reploid weaponry by providing z-wave radiation as fuel. *

* This information will be discovered over the course of game play.