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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Professor Gate
Professor Gate
Name Gate
Species Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Criminals
Division Rogues
Character Type Feature Character


Recent History

  • Gate has been named as the man behind the destruction of the Netopia Colloseum, and an assassination attempt on the President's life. Because of this, he's been labeled a Maverick. Gate's research has disappeared from Hunter computers, and he's dropped all lines of communication.

Gate, Golden Armor Form
Gate, Golden Armor Form
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Combat Capabilities

Gate has no real combat capabilities apart from basic reploid strength, speed and agility. As a civilian model, he was intended only for research and not actual battle.

Gate once possessed a golden armor form that improved his combat capabilities exponentially. After his defeat at the hands of X, the Federation placed a limiter block into Gate's programming, preventing him from accessing this armor form without a specific passcode.


  • Gate's relationship with Layer began with the insinuation that her boobs didn't have enough armor, and Gate being thrown across a room in response.
  • It's usually a bad idea to let Gate improve your kitchen appliances, unless you want a toaster with a nuclear railgun attached.
  • When stressed, Gate's eyes shift to red in color. This is due to a slight irregularity in his optic lenses that is intrinsic to his DNA.


Other Artwork

The Nightmare Incident. Art by Sikibukun.

Gate. Art by Sikibukun.

Gate and Alia during their RRG days. Image taken from Megaman X6