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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Mega Man Model A, Grey
Mega Man Model A, Grey
Name Grey
Species Humanoid
Gender Male
Faction Civilians
Division Civilians
Character Type Feature Character


Grey, DAN-003, was originally the culmination of the work of Master Albert, a spare body designed to be used as a backup were something to happen to Albert. Awoken early before mind control could be exerted over him, he was labelled a defective and, narrowly escaping death, fell in with the Resistance or Neo Arcadia, and along with them uncovered the truth behind Neo Arcadia, and stopped Albert's plan. Departing after the victory due to wanting to understand the world and himself more, and needing some time alone, Grey finally made his way back following the collapse of the United States, locked and loaded. A very capable gunslinger when merged with Model A, Grey's particular niche lies in his ability to copy the DNA of those he takes down, and then use it to transform, giving him a variable and powerful edge in the battle against the Mavericks. Kind-hearted, but usually pretty serious, Grey particularly holds no hesitation when it comes to saving an innocent, and doesn't hold back often in the face of danger.

Recent History[]

Acquired DNA Forms[]

  • Several Civilian Reploids, Atlas (Model F), Aeolus (Model H), Thetis (Model L), Siarnaq (Model P), Aile (Model X), Rospark, Buckfire, Bifrost


  • Grey inexplicably hates pudding.
  • Grey has a small crush on fellow Mega Man Aile, although he hasn't seen her since the end of the Innerpeace arc.


Other Artwork[]