22XX Wiki
Name Janus
Species Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Maverick
Division Mavericks
Character Type OC


A Maverick operative little-seen by the public eye, the reploid known as Janus has made his career out of misdirection, discretion, and subtlety. A recruiter for the Mavericks, he ensures that the eyes, ears, and routes of travel between Dopplertown and the world's major cities remain well-oiled - ready to move troops in or hopefuls out. Janus himself is no stranger to dirtying his hands with the trade however and more than one fresh maverick can trace him as the origin of their virus.

Calm, methodical, and patient, Janus has achieved his success through careful planning and taking measured risks. Not a fighter himself, he takes pains to hide his identity during operations and is a solitary figure even among his own faction. Often polite and disarmingly friendly when met in person, Janus doesn't wear his allegiance on his sleeve. But to the misfortune of those caught in his traps, underneath his facade he is every bit a maverick - one with a hefty and growing kill count.

General Information[]

Janus is a Bad Person, although he may have a soft spot for dangerous animals as Neon Tiger, Anpu, and Vulpecula suggest.

The reploid most widely known as Janus has killed a lot of people. Either in person, on his orders, or by sabotage (often explosive), he has caused dozens, perhaps hundreds of deaths. However due to his habit of regularly changing his appearance and identity, finding the results of his crimes and linking them to the same person are two different things.

Accordingly, Janus would hold a very substantial bounty if one were to connect him to all of his past crimes. Some bounties are on him are noteworthy on their own but have so far proven difficult to collect.

Recent History[]

Despite his demonstrated hatred for humans, Janus has so far met Mariah Fox twice without trying to kill her. Vulpecula's mentioned tendency to eat the faces of people who try may have contributed to this. Regardless, it remains a personal record for restraint as far as anyone knows.

Recently, Janus has begun traveling with a mechaniloid jackal whom he calls Anpu. The fact that Anpu appeared shortly after he met Vulpecula is pure coincidence.

Assassination Calendar[]

  • May 26, 2012: "Drippy" in a hotspring with a knife. Janus gave her a bath and Tamako got more of a view than she asked for.
  • June 11, 2012: Alphonse on a bus with an energy pistol. Everyone (but Janus) died. Janus drove off with his bloody new bus.