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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Name Layer
Species Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Hunters
Division B-Class
Character Type Feature Character

"Everybody's got their strengths and weaknesses. Victory comes when you use both to their full potential."


Layer is a new navigator within the Maverick Hunters, a model based off of designs from Douglas and created alongside her sister unit, Pallette. Layer was primarily designed for robotics development, designed with multiple scanning suites and technicial know-how to allow her to research and perfect reploid models, but after some work with a federation testing and training facility in Japan, Troia, she wound up returning back to her family to work with the Maverick Hunters due to her skills turning into a necessity. Layer, for the most part, is calm and easy-going, almost eternally relaxed when in her element and bothered by little, but few see a shy and sweet side she has that seems to pop out at the worst times, frequently pushing Layer into awkward situations. Training in battlefield applications of her technical know-how, she is also a whiz when it comes to melee combat, and with all sorts of weapon types at her disposal, she's every bit as much a threat on the field as she is off, not out of physical ability, but pure skill.

Current Weapons Available[]

  • L-Rapier, B-Fan, D-Glaive, T-Breaker, K-Knuckle

Recent History[]

  • Was the original leader of the intrusion team sent by WAXA to infiltrate Innerpeace and investigate the disappearance of Portugal's population. Resigned command to Aeolus during the formation of the Resistance's forces.
  • Recently lost a body in an attempt to rescue Scanner Bat from the Avian, resulting in a new body for her, and a clone running about on Farol, named Violet.


  • Coming soon.