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The Game of Destiny[]

(Note: Radio chatter. Began during an attack on Innerpeace. tl;dr, Mega Men must fight because it is fun and the winner will become king of the world.)

[Radio: Global] Cetus says, "Stop being friendly to eachother and kick some butt! Come on!"

[Radio: Global] Berkana, with a sudden burst of anger, "Be quiet!"

[Radio: Global] Cetus nyehnyeehhs, "Make me! Oh wait, you can't, you are being too nice to the FMian."

[Radio: Global] Berkana shakes her head. "All things must occur in due time."

[Radio: Global] Cetus says, "Oh so them attacking a city is lower priority because apparently MANNERS MUST COME FIRST."

[Radio: Global] Berkana says, "Take a look around. Do you see any soldiers left?"

[Radio: Global] Cetus says, "The one infront of you is still standing."

[Radio: Global] Berkana says, "Exactly. Which is why there is no need to rush."

[Radio: Global] Cetus says, "Because he totally cannot do any damage by himself now, can he? Noooooo, it's not like he is a dangerous FMian or anything."

[Radio: Global] Berkana just smiles.

[Radio: Global] Flash Horos says, "If the honor I display is not to your liking, you are most welcome bring yourself down and fight me yourself, coward, isntead of relying on a lady to protect you!"

[Radio: Global] Cetus grumbles, "I would if I could."

[Radio: Global] Berkana says, "Then do kindly shut up. I don't think I've ever heard anyone so annoying and pointless."

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "You have to see it from his perspective, he hates us so much.

[Radio: Global] Cetus just grumblemutters, Denji smirks. "Don't mind him, he's just whiny today."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "How /fascinating/."

[Radio: Global] Denji Nobako says, "What part?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "All of you. All of -this-."

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Hmm, that voice. You are?"

[Radio: Global] Denji Nobako pffs.. "Hello Gemini."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Who I am really isn't important right now. I see you're all having... /fun/."

[Radio: Global] Berkana says, "...and your point is...?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "This is a perfect opportunity for you Mega Men to rise to the top. I'll be watching."

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Denji. Oh come on, share your name. Something seems familiar, oh yes Prometheus."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...wait, what?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Just because we have a little... extraterrestrial interference... doesn't mean the game is over. Far from it. We're only on half time."

[Radio: Global] Netto says, "..Game?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "the Game of Destiny, of course."

[Radio: Global] Rockman.EXE and Netto blink, "What kind of game is that?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "A game no one invited me to. More's the pity."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "You're more than qualified...."

[Radio: Global] Netto says, "Forte are you still upset at the fish comment?"

[Radio: Global] Vent seems to pause a moment, blinking. As if in confusion.

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Still going on about that, this game you talk of is always so far to hear about.

[Radio: Global] Prometheus smiles sardonically, adding, "... Megaman Forte."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Oh, pencilling me in after all, are you?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "--wait."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "The rules are simple. Be the last Mega Man standing. You'll be crowned King of the Mega Men and have your wildest dreams come true. Power will be yours.""

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE gets an odd expression on his face, probably not much unlike that of a human having an aneurysm.

[Radio: Global] Prometheus savors that expression.

[Radio: Global] Rockman.EXE, brightly, "You're a Mega Man too, Forte!" HAPPINESS WAVES EMITTING.

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...wait, what the hell? What do you mean by King of the Mega Men?"

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Hehehe. The game of destiny and what happens hen they win?

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "The King of Mega Men will have power like a god, and be able to achieve whatever they wish."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I don't understand it myself."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I never asked to be part of a game."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE contorts his face into something that seems to be capable of emitting HATE WAVES at Rockman.EXE.

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "So much fun! Hahahaha!"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "If you don't want to play, that's fine. But there will be others who want to play with -you-."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE emits a faint *pop* and his signal goes back to static.

[Radio: Global] Vent gives a skeptical frown. "...why is there a game in the first place?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "For fun... Mega Man Model X."

[Radio: Global] Giro smokes a cigarrette. "Well, now this is interesting."

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Indeed sounds fun and wonder who will win, especially when Apollo arrives."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "How do you play this game?"

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "Heh... if you want fun and games, go to an arcade. Besides, what makes you think Mega Men are gonna fight? Aren't they..." Pause. "...we good guys?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Defeat all the other Mega Men."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "..That doesn't seem like an enjoyable game."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Well now."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus suddenly bursts into screaming laughter at Vent's comment.

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Just defeat or kill? Never sure when hearing about these battle tournaments."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "I could get behind this if it's just defeat."

[Radio: Global] Vent, unsure whether to get mad or laugh too, "What?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Bahahaha... /Good guys/? You think being -good- is the qualification for being a Mega Man?!"

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "But why should I care. Another proof why Earth is so wild."

[Radio: Global] Rockman.EXE ehhs.. "Kill? We couldn't kill someone else." Netto nods, "Uuh.. Yeah, you guys can keep your creepy game-thing."

[Radio: Global] Giro cigarette puff. "Though I'm sure there's a few 'Megaman' that could use killing, too."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Alright, crazy, what /does/ make a 'Mega Man'?"

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "......this is stupid. Why should we believe you?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "You don't have to."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "There are others willing to play the game for the prize it offers."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "But yeah. Give us the list."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "I'm still busy sending out His invitation."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "I'm...intrigued."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "......"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "You'll meet them in your travels."

[Radio: Global] Flash Horos says, "...understood"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Huh. You know, I'm never sure what to make of it when people use capitalized pronouns."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...you're a dick."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "It's hard to tell whether the person's really important or just some overblown windbag."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Have fun saving the world, gentlemen."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Saving the world?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt sounds confused.

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "In case you haven't read the newspapers lately, Megaman Trigger, the world's going to be blown up. Have fun with that."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Huh?"

[Radio: Giro Express] Giro says, "Heh. I guess you kids already have a headstart on me."

[Radio: Giro Express] Giro says, "You beat me, after all."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt sounds even more confused, "I'm stuck in this place near a big city called Neo Arcadia, I'm lucky to get on this radio thing, let alone getting the news."

[Radio: Global] Return X drinks a cup of coffee, looking tired. Bored. "Is.. some new jerkwad going to show up every -day-?"

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Oh, hey, that reminds me. Your name's Trigger, right?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Who's Trigger?"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Seems like it's you, kid."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Er... what'd she call you... Rock?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I'm not trigger.."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "My Name is Rock. Rock Volnutt."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Yeah, that's it. Sorry, my memory isn't that great"

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...mistaken identity...?"

[Radio: Global] Giro cigarette draw, release. "You've probably got some mysterious hidden past or identity."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I hope so, there seems to be a lot of people with blue armor around."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "Heh, tell me about it."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Anyways, your sister is waiting for you at my place. She's been a real help, so, whenever you wanna come pick her up, just let me know."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "You mean Roll?"

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Yeah"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Oh, alright. Thanks."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "And next time, try to keep a better eye on her. I doubt Pirate Man will let me on his ship so easy next time."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt huhs, "I was found as a baby, mister.. Whoever you are. I doubt I have a hidden past." --Pause, "Is that where Roll went..? Uhm! Thank you! I was busy trying to find parts for the Flutter, I guess she probably tried helping out, too."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "How amusing!"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "A Mega Man who doesn't even know who he is!"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Yep."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I already told you, I'm Rock Volnutt."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "You totally have a secret past."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "So do you, Megaman Model Z."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "You should find out what it is...before it finds you."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Mega Man, Mega Man, what exactly is a /Mega Man/, whoever you are?"

[Radio: Global] Return X yawns. "Something about Mega Mens.. Mans.. Men.. fighting to the death? I'm in. Can I use a steel chair?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Use whatever you like."

[Radio: Global] Giro laughs. "Not telling me anything I don't know."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Use screaming bystanders."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "It'll be fun!"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "..."

[Radio: Giro Express] Vent begins to frown. "...do you know him at all, Giro?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "That does /not/ sound like fun."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "See, I really don't need answers."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE resynchs just in time to hear that comment.

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says flatly, "There is something profoundly wrong with you, isn't there?"

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "I'd say so"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "I just want to find the right people so I can bust their heads in."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "There's something profoundly wrong with this whole world!"

[Radio: Giro Express] Giro says, "Not this guy."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Give it time..."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "Man, this is one crazy game! It's like somebody has been reading my journa-.. Err. I mean. Uhhh.."

[Radio: Giro Express] Giro says, "I don't really know names and faces from back then. Just what happened."

[Radio: Giro Express] Vent says, "...huh. I wonder if he's with the Federation, then..."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Yeah, uh.. I had no idea these places existed before. I never knew Terra has islands outside of the main sea."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus whispers, one red eye drawing to the camera, fisheyed, "But if you become King, you'll have the power to change the world..."

[Radio: Global] Giro laughs. "You really expect anyone to buy that?"

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man chuckles, then breaks into a laugh.

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "REALLY?"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Power isn't something that gets handed to you on a silver platter by winning some contest."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Like a -god-."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "Hahahahahahaha...."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Power is something you /take for yourself/."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "So take power."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "We're all waiting, Girouette."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man says, "I think I've heard enough of this crazy for one day."

[Radio: Global] Tornado Man desynchs.

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "The people of this world are weird.."

[Radio: Global] Giro grins. "Heh. Just tell your bosses I'm coming."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "Oh man, I am totally gonna win."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Payback's a bitch."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "All you have to do is defeat all the other Mega Men."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "This is murder.. Why get excited over murder?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Why shouldn't you get excited over murder?!"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Kid, there's a few people in this world that need murdered."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Because it's wrong?"

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "THat'll be easy! All the others are concerned about love and peace and little birdies and stuff."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "For the others--he just said defeat, not kill."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Killing is an acceptable way to defeat someone."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Either way, probably shouldn't hurt anyone.."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "I expect the children to go first."

[Radio: Global] Vent frowns. "...well, maybe we'll kill you, then."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Sure, but there's a few people I could name off-hand that I wouldn't want to kill."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Bwahahahahah! I, too, am a Mega Man! I'll be waiting to see if you can take me down!"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Gods are overrated and the ones that have established themselves in mythology tend to act like petulant children."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...I figured you were..."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Very good, Model X."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Huh. I remember there was a few others back in the day."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Say hello to Sister for me."

[Radio: Global] Return X rubs his chin, "I probably wouldn't kill anybody, though. Then there'd be nobody around to subjugate and make me martinis."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "I'll be interested in seeing what they can do."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "So, uh.. What exactly is a 'Mega Man' aside from being in this weird game?"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "I mean, if they ever show their sissy faces to the world."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "I will. And if you're who I think you are... we'll see you soon."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Someone with power above all the others."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "A Chosen One."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Chosen for -what-?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "And don't say 'the game' because that logic is a bit too circular for my liking."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Chosen by evolution, if you want to call it that."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "It sounds like you are just trying to pit a bunch of people against eachother for no reason."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "There is no way I am fighting in this weird game."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "I propose we make it an arm-wrestling contest!"

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "......"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "..."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "There's a perfectly good reason. A prize."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "...What the hell, why not? Arm wrestling it is."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Now where do I find a thirty foot tall copyroid..."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Wouldn't you like to have your deepest wish come true?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "A prize that could be just a big lie."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "If I rip somebody's arm out of the socket, I apologize for nothing."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Oh the prize isn't a lie."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Well unless you can prove it's not, I think it would be nuts if anyone decided to play this game."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "And just what do you qualify as the power of a god? Arguably I already have it."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "So. How do we prove defeats?"

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "Me too."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "But you're not a Mega Man."

[Radio: Giro Express] Giro says, "Yeah, I'm following this one up."

[Radio: Giro Express] Vent nods.

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Technically you are. But you aren't."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "I am too!"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Or do I have that backward?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Pandora and I will be watching the canditates. We'll know."

[Radio: Giro Express] Vent says, "This is retarded." Smile. "Let's stop it."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "I'm Prometheus, by the way."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "I'm just.. uhh.. a Mega-Mega Nan."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "..Great, so not only do we need to watch out some random other 'Mega Man' attacking us, we also have another one watching us all the time."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "And -He- will be watching as well. Waiting to reward you."

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...are you gonna tell us who He is?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "He?"

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "He? He who is called 'I Am'?"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "You'll have to find out on your own."

[Radio: Global] Vent nods.

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "So. What proof do you want?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I wish I never came out of Terra.. This world is nuts."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "A body is always acceptable. Records of you delivering damage enough to render them unconscious and completely at your mercy also works."

[Radio: Global] Gemini, "Who says they weren't watching you there as well?"

[Radio: Global] Vent says, "...what about taking their biometal, then?"

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "Man. If the world wasn't under threat of destruction or being taken over.."

[Radio: Global] Return X makes a sad face.

[Radio: Global] Vent flashes briefly.

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "That's always acceptable, Model X."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "Alright."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "After all, there are more models than just X and Z."

[Radio: Global] Netto says, "Huh?"

[Radio: Global] Netto says, "Did you use Cross Fusion or something, Vent?"

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "How many are there?"

[Radio: Global] Giro chuckles. "Yeah, I'm afraid the kids on a headstart on me."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "No."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Many."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Hmm."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "Tch..."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Biometals, eh?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "It seems I have more data mining ahead of me than I expected."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "The power and soul of a Mega Man, encapsulated into a living metal object."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Biometal?"

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "'Course, it took both of them and X to do it."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Weird..."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "It's a long story."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "If only Lumine hadn't fixed me.. I'd already have half of these kids broken and screaming over my knee. Oh well. That was the 'old' Return X! This is the NEW Return X! The.. nice, friendly one."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Oh yeah. I bet."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "I'm less concerned about the specific details, and more over whether it's... edible."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "How is using a steel chair on someone friendly?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE smiiile.

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "You and me are going to have a rematch one of these days, bitch."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "It's all entertainment, Mister Volnutt!"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "Don't disappoint me, children. I'd hate to see the game end with the world blowing up. That's too easy."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "So let me get this straight."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "Oh, it's gonna end alright, just not like that."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Biometals, cross-something or other, a game, the world blowing up or being taken over."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "...."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "How do I get back to Terra, someone /please/ be so kind to tell me."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "I know it's a lot to swallow, sparky, but you'll get the hang of it."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "You can never go home again."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "So PINCH YOUR NOSE CLOSED and OPEN WIDE!"

[Radio: Global] Prometheus howls in laughter.

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "..It's Rock."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "Not Trigger, or Sparky."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Yeah. Sorry, kid."

[Radio: Global] Teisel Bonne says, "Just fly back the way you came from the islands to the new ones."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "Even if you go back, you'll just get followed."

[Radio: Global] Return X giggles a little.

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt sighs, "We had no idea how we got here in the first place, the Flutter was having.. problems."

[Radio: Global] Giro says, "I for one'll be looking you up sometime."

[Radio: Global] Teisel Bonne says, "Oh you got lost, we didn't. I mapped the whole way, you want it you have to pay for it though."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "Me too. ...maybe we can figure out a way to prevent this game."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "This is stupid."

[Radio: Global] Return X shakes his head. "He calls it a game, but it's not a game."

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "I agree, maybe we can stop the game without anyone getting hurt."

[Radio: Global] Return X spreads his arms wide. "He's got a point. So many super-powered punks out there. They can't all coexist peacefully for long."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "You know, there is a different way to resolve the game."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "What?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Submit voluntarily to another Mega Man."

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "That's cheating."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "Nahhhh."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Game ends, no casualties, and who says it's cheating if you've outfoxed the others exactly?"

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "...are you crazy?"

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "You break someone's will to fight enough, they'll give in."

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "Less crazy than him."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent says, "If there's going to be people who WANT to win the game, what's going to stop them from forcing the fight? I mean, yeah, you're not that crazy, but..."

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent lets out a sigh, gently facepalming.

[Radio: Global] Prometheus says, "I have a stake in this as well... don't think I won't clean up the losers."

[Radio: Global] Return X says, "But what if you -are- one of the losers?"

[Radio: Global] Model ZX Vent looks at Prometheus with concern. "...clean up, huh...?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt says, "How is it cheating?"

[Radio: Global] Forte.EXE says, "The reward notwithstanding, what is the purpose of the game?"

[Radio: Global] NO VIDEO: Rock Volnutt sighs, "I'm wondering that, too."