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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Mariah Fox. Sketch by 22XXShade.

"Self-imposed limits are for people too afraid to see how far they can really go."


Born to a family with an old and distinguished bloodline known for producing members with "the family gift", Mariah Fox had a promising and pleasant upbringing with loving parents and baby brother - at least until Darkland invaded her homeland, Portugal. Her family killed when their home was firebombed and collapsed, Mariah was orphaned amid bloodsheld and violence. Discovered by an advanced FMian scout, Vulpecula, Mariah became host to the FMian, and learned how to survive through thievery and cunning. As the FMians made plans to destroy Earth, the noose of Vulpecula's plans began to tighten around Mariah, leading her to become victimized by Vincent Ormr and entangled with Shinsuke Utagai. Freeing herself from Vulpecula through the use of Paradigm Corp's HADES project, Mariah has since been adopted by Michael Lucerne. Exposure to Noise radiation has awakened long-dormant genes in Mariah, revealing her Murian heritage and powers.

Recent History[]

After a ridiculously long and complex ordeal with Vincent Ormer (see his page), Mariah and Trace/Vincent/Insert-Current-Alias-Here had come to a committed, mostly-stable and disturbing relationship, resulting in Mariah's pregnancy. The two had made some plans of what to do with themselves after the Neo Arcadia fiasco - at least until Trace went and got himself blown up.

Vulpecula, Mariah's former FMian partner, has apparently gone missing. Rumor has placed the EMian in the hands of Giovanna Rossi - the Generalissma of Darkland.

Combat Capabilities[]

While normally gifted with the standard Murian blessing of being able to wave-change without need of an EMian partner, and to utilize Dark Energy freely as both aura and weapon, Mariah's abilities have been sharply curtailed due to pregnancy. At present, she cannot utilize any wave-abilities that are not generated by technology.

This has not, however, slowed her down as of yet - her hand-to-hand skills are still remarkably sharp and efficient.


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In a stroke of poetic irony, Mariah's unborn daughter contains one quarter of Serpen's EMian makeup.