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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Netopia, USA.

Leader: President Geoffrey Southerland
Population: 110-120 Million
Location: Eastern Seaboard, North America.
Ethnicity: European-American-Native American, Reploids, Navis

Netopia, founded in 2005, is one of the largest and strongest Inner nation-states, and is often hailed as the leader of technological and cultural advancement in the world. Home to European, American and Native American settlers, it is a harmonious blend of several different cultures and ethos. It boasts the largest and one of the strongest military forces in the world - a natural rival to Sharo - and is considered the strong right arm of the Federation in terms of peacekeeping and defensive measures. Netopia's rich surrounding farmlands provide ample agricultural surplus which it trades around the world, and it has a strong industrial and manufacturing base, though it imports a good deal of raw ores and minerals to keep up with demand. Netopia is a primary manufacturer of reploids and mechaniloids, and is responsible for the creation of Giga City. Though a militarized nation, it cherishes the ideals of freedom and justice. Netopia is the launch site of Satellite Leo.


  • Giga City: Founded by Netopia, Giga City is now recognized by Netopia as an independent reploid nation. The Federation refuses to acknowledge Giga City as its own nation-state and has declared war on Giga City, though neither side has opted to attack, making the war a cold one. Netopia has positioned a considerable defense force around Giga City as added incentive to prevent open hostilities.
  • Electopia: Long-standing allies, Netopia's recent push for Reploid Rights has Electopians thinking of doing the same.


  • Netopia has no official enemies, though relations with the Federation, especially Dopplertown and Darkland, have become considerably strained.
  • While not specifically an enemy, Netopia has had a long rivalry with the nation of Sharo.

Current Issues

  • The IPC Corporation has relocated to Netopia due to the nation's increasing pro-Reploid Rights agenda. IPC intends to help take the economic burden off Netopia should they opt to give several million reploids citizenship and full rights.

Notable Citizens