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Phakchi, Culinary Queen
Phakchi, Culinary Queen
Name Phakchi Fahran
Species Human
Gender Female
Faction Civilians
Division Civilians
Character Type Feature Character

'"Smiles are a source of life. That's why I cook... so everyone can smile."'


A friendly and frank person, Phakchi Fahran is a top-notch chef, and a net-op, partnered with SlashMan.EXE for a long time. She got into cooking at a young age and has turned it into her life's work, now working to set up a school to teach people about the very art she loves. What many don't know about her, though, is that she was once a chef aboard a ship working in cooperation with war efforts in Southeast Asia... and was also the sole survivor when it was sunk due to a maverick attack. While kind-hearted and even sisterly, Phakchi can grow determined, spirited, and fierce in the right moments, continuing her work in memory of those she once knew and loved, either in the kitchen, or partnered with her navi who also has a legacy of his own he's fighting against as a former Wily-bot, as an excellent netbattling team.

General Information[]

Recent History[]

  • Phakchi moved to Able City to learn more about cooking and cook for 

    Every good cook needs an assistant.

    more people.  With SlashMan.exe's help, she operates a 24/7 food stall that serves a little of everything and a lot of Asian dishes.


  • Phakchi is not a Pikachu.

    The source of a day's power is breakfast.

  • Phakchi is not Bon Qui Qui.
  • Phakchi is not Cooking Mama.
  • Phakchi is not a boy, for those who only remember her in BN6.
  • Phakchi is really not Mousy Housefrau
  • Phakchi may have a thing for knives. Maybe.
  • Phakchi does not gb2kitchen.
  • Phakchi does not wear makeup. She's quite satisfied with her appearance regardless.
  • Phakchi Farang may have the mush record for the most spellings of her name.  "Phakchi Faran", "Pat Fahran", "Pat Sahran", and "Paxy Faran" are all circulating in cyberspace despite SlashMan.exe's best efforts.