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Pirate Man
Pirate Man
Name Pirate Man
Species Robot Master
Gender Male
Faction Wily Army
Division Wily Strikers
Character Type Feature Character


The second Robot Master created by King, Pirate Man was designed for piracy - controlling shipping lanes at sea, acquiring goods through raids, and creating havoc on the open ocean. Pirate Man commands his own ship staffed by Sea Joes; with Remote Mines, a type of detonator that attaches itself to objects using electromagnetic force, he sinks ships and salvages the goods. Pirate Man is completely fearless and will do anything to get what he wants; he has no sense of mercy or ethics, and can only be dealt with through force or pirate codes of behavior. He has gathered immense stashes of wealth underwater in various locations. He dislikes coming onto land very often, and does so only when he needs supplies, or has gotten wind of good place to drink and rabble rouse.

General Information[]

Recent News[]

  • Managed to kidnap Roll Caskett on a raid in Indonesia. Responsible for bringing her to Wily.