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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Quantum Hyena
[[Image:|200px|Quantum Hyena]]
Name Quantum Hyena
Species Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Civilians
Division Civilians
Character Type OC


Quantum Hyena was originally constructed as a laboratory assistant for a group of physics researchers. He was equipped with precise EM and gravity sensors and generators to study subatomic particles, replacing bulkier human-operated lab equipment. Quantum performed his work happily, but was laid off along with several others during a fund-crunch. He spent only a week unemployed, however, as a small tech firm purchased him to perform repairs and installation of domestic and commercial electronics. Adapting well to his new station, Quantum now does on-site repairs and installation of everything from microwaves to dynamos. Jovial with a mischevious streak,Quantum Hyena trusts easily and is an optimist at heart.

General Information[]

Arriving When Then Is Now


Event Karma
Built as a scientific reploid. Performed research in material development and testing.


R&D Division was sold off, Quantum included.


Purchased by maintenance company. -1
Quantum sent to Paul's Coffee Shop to repair broken heater. Meets Zero and Layer. +1
Encounters Zero shortly after at Hunter HQ after being hired for repairs. Argument starts over Zero's advances on Layer while they were at Paul's. +1
Quantum convinces Zero to back off on the condition that he'll work on making Layer less shy. +2
Several suggestive comments made during the argument end with Zero beating Quantum to near-death. -4
Zero agrees to give Quantum dating advice as an apology. He also pays for Quantum to be upgraded with a few necessary parts which were not standard with his design. +2
Quantum encounters Layer and promptly shoves foot in mouth repeatedly. Manages to speak around foot. +2
Second encounter with Layer, proceeds to set a new low for social etiquette. Somehow gets hugged. +2
Third encounter, social fail #3. Quantum loses a coin flip to explain his deal with Zero to Layer but is cut off before he can. Decides to tell her next time they meet. +1
Mass EMian meeting causes a local black-out of a shopping district. Quantum is hired to repair. +1
While performing repairs Quantum encounters the Mavericks Impulse and Vile as well as Denji Nobako and Hyacinth. A battle then ensues between Cetus Beast, Apollo Flame, and Impulse, with Quantum caught in the middle. Vile adds insult to injury with the Goliath. +12
While recovering from Z-wave poisoning, Quantum visits Paul's to relax and meets Relay, a government-owned rescue reploid. -4
Pirate captain Ford Benett breaks into the coffee shop, robbing it. Quantum and Relay are kidnapped in the process; an EM burst by Relay intended to knock out Ford's cybernetics overloads Quantum's systems. +29
Over multiple conversations with Relay, Quantum ingests his foot, somehow speaking around it long enough to get her into bed before shoving his foot back into his mouth. +?
Quantum attempts to establish a long-distance relationship with Layer while already with Relay. -17
Quantum eventually fails badly enough that Relay breaks up with him. -5
After a convoluted series of events involving a female robot master, Relay hooking up with the pirate who kidnapped them, Quantum threatening to blow himself up, and brief thoughts of suicide all around, Quantum and Relay reconcile. +?
Somewhere in that mess, Quantum manages to have a one-night stand with a robot master who had none of the relevant parts. +?
Upon landing in Sukhothai, Relay runs away from the ship. Quantum pursues out of concern. +10
Finding Relay, they are eventually both taken in by a local doctor and place under the protection of Red Alert.


Quantum and Relay eventually save up enough to buy their own place and take up permanent residence in Sukhothai. Relay's Maverick status is subsequently negotiated away. Quantum resumes his former job as freelance maintenance for Sukhothai and the pair settle into a relatively peaceful life. Happy End, Get?
Ford pays an unannounced visit. An assassin (Silhouette) after Ford blows up the house with Quantum, Relay, and John inside it. The trio is left temporarily homeless and given shelter by Red Alert.


Quantum and Relay leave Sukhothai for the United States to aid the relief efforts.



  • Quantum Hyena has been known to have astoundingly bad luck with +attack code, dice rolls, coin flips, and code in general.
  • Quantum Hyena can swing at open air and miss.