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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Relay. Rough art by 22XXShade.

"Sometimes the only way to be really safe is to take a few risks."

A dual-function operator and signal repeater for the North American Civil Defense Agency (NACDA), Relay works with emergency response and disaster teams as an on-site team coordinator and signal amplifier, keeping communications going in areas that may have lost them completely otherwise. She contains a compact and powerful radio emitter array, allowing her to capture, clean and strengthen the entire radio frequency bandwidth and handle multiple frequencies at once. Relay is courageous and perceptive in times of crisis, keeping her teammates focused, and is capable of high levels of multitasking. While she is highly knowledgeable and competent about physical safety, her knowledge of social safety is lacking as she is easily fooled hucksters and charismatic manipulators, as long as they convince her it's for the greater safety of others.

Game History[]

To say that Relay's had more than her fair share of trouble is putting it lightly. A calm stop-in at Paul's Coffee Shop in Able City turned into the beginning of the biggest adventure of her life. Having only just met Quantum Hyena, she attempted to prevent his kidnapping by Ford Bennet only to be taken prisoner as well. During her captivity aboard the airship Avian, Relay, Quantum and Ford became entangled in love triangle messy enough to traumatize the average psychotherapist. For three months the ups and downs among the three grew increasingly intense, eventually leading to Quantum and Relay's escape from the Avian into Sukhothai. Though it greatly pained her to leave Ford, Relay was nonetheless happy that, at the end of the road, she found happiness, and a new purpose in life, as a medic and interceptor in Sukhothai with her beloved Quantum Hyena.