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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Scout Bat
Scout Bat
Name Scout Bat
Species Robot Master
Gender Male
Faction Criminals
Division Pirates
Character Type NPC

General Info[]

The genesis of Scout Bat came as the byproduct of a botched reconnaissance mission on the Avian. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Scanner Bat had his core removed and disposed of in the ocean for the Hunters to pick up. His body remained non-functional in the ship, until Network Woman acquired four Robot Master cores from the pirate Ezui Takara. The Robot Master who would occupy that body would call himself Scout Bat, and serve as the Avian's surveillance unit. Unlike Scanner, Scout is a cheerful and confident individual, who isn't afraid to let it show in his movements, appearance, and behavior — nor is he afraid to act contrarily to how a man is "supposed" to behave. Like Scanner, Scout can turn invisible, see in the dark with infrared vision, and wield a high-powered machine gun. Similarly to his three fellow Masters, he obeys Network Woman, sees her as his mother, and would protect her at all costs.