The Underking, Serenade.EXE
Name Serenade.EXE
Gender Female
Faction Civilians
Character Type Background Feature Character


Quote: "I defeat my enemies with love, respect and mercy. Come, let me show you their power."

In the early days of cyberspace network technologies, the Alphanet, the precursor of the modern cybernet, suffered serious errors due to its control program, Alpha. In a massive self-destructive upheaval known as the Alpha Revolt, Alpha attempted to devour the entirety of everything in the Alphanet. Sluggish from the boat of data it consumed, it was sealed using the Forbidden Program "Giga Freeze", and stored within the depths of the Undernet. To protect the Forbidden Program from falling into the wrong hands, Serenade.EXE, an Autonavi, was placed into the undernet as its guardian by Dr. Urakawa. After Dr. Urakawa's passing, ownership of Serenade.EXE passed onto his son Mamoru, whom Serenade.EXE has looked after almost like a mother. Serenade.EXE is a kind, gentle and compassionate individual, but faithfully devoted to her duties. She known to the denizens of the Undernet as its powerful and terrifying King (despite her gender), who refer to her only as 'S'.

Recent History

  • Serenade.EXE has reclaimed her Rank 1 title from Rockman.EXE, who was unable to fulfill the duties of King due to becoming a Net Savior.
  • Serenade.EXE, no longer burdened by the duty of protecting the Forbidden Program, has begun venturing into the physical world through the use of holographic projection, and is learning more about human world.


  • Serenade.EXE's gender has been a hotly debated subject among fans; Serenade.EXE was female in the Japanese version, and male in the English version. Eventually Capcom stated that Serenade.EXE was a "perfect being, beyond gender" in order to satisfy both camps. Even in the manga, Serenade.EXE is referred to both as a male and a female.
  • Serenade.EXE is one of only two people to battle Forte.EXE and emerge victorious.
  • Serenade.EXE's power within the Undernet is unlimited, making her a literal goddess within it. Once she leaves the Undernet, however, her power drops significantly.

Theme Songs

Within My World: Thru The Looking Glass - Looking Glass Wars Soundtrack

Battle Theme: Awe Of She - Guilty Gear

Vs. Forte.EXE: All Is Full Of Love - Bjork

Other Artwork


Serenade in her Undernet palace. Art by Sikibukun.


Serenade's Holy Shock attack. Art by 22XXShade