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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Map of Sharo. Screencap taken from Rockman.EXE Stream.

Leader: Comrade Vasily Dashkov
Population: 10-20 Million
Location: Siberia
Ethnicity: Primarily Russian

Located in a fertile plain between Lake Baikal and Yakutsk, Sharo is the Soviet attempt at recreating Megatropolis within their own borders. The Sharo settlers arrived en masse to begin construction, forming isolated "labor collectives" along the Lena River. Despite the harsh climate, the ethnic people and Russian settlers, with the help of many specialized Robot Masters and drones (many designed by Dr. Cossack), were able to create the megacity. Unlike the towering metropolises of Able City or Electopia, the Sharo complex is spread out over the land and beneath it, blending into the natural environment with only a handful of buildings outcropping across the region.

Rich agricultural fields along the Lena River provide wheat, oats and potatoes, but the driving force of Sharo's economic clout comes from industrial endeavors; gold, diamonds, tin and uranium. Up until recently, Sharo was an economic sinkhole for the Russian Federation, costing more than it produced; this changed when the Sharo's National Hero discovered a deposit of Force Metal in the nearby mountains, boosting the wealth and influence of the nation exponentially.

Sharo is renown for its top military forces which rival Netopia's in pure power, the supreme skill of the Sharo special forces and Net Security Corp making up for their lack of numbers. Sharo also boasts the best satellite and weather monitoring complex in the world. Sharo is the launch site for Satellite Pegasus.

Notable Citizens