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Sigma offers Bass some more Sigma Milk.
Sigma e_e
Sigma nods.
Bass says "...."
Sigma says "It's got Vitamin D."
Bass splashes it in Sigma's face!
Sigma ...
Sigma you ingrate--
Sigma c'mere!!!
Bass run!
Sigma grips Bass
Sigma just snatches him out of his run!!!
Leviathan says "Oooh. prison shower scene!"
Zero says "D as in his Di-cisive prowess."
Leviathan says "PRISON SHOWER SCENE!"
Sigma exposes a robot nipple
X says "Anyway, what time is it for? >_>"
Bass !!!
Sigma drink!!!
Sigma drink it!!!
Sigma breastfeed rapes Bass.
Harpuia says "Ohgodmyopticreceptors. x.x"
Bass chokes
Leviathan says "I love you guys."
Sigma e_e
Sigma nods...
Sigma powers down his milktank.
Bass twitches
Harpuia says "... Sigma has a cow pokemon in his chest?"
Bass is blue faced, vgcats face of horror....
Leviathan says "Eh?"
Sigma with milk moustache
Sigma says "It's no problem, my little finned fawn. It's okay to suckle daddy's jugs from time to time."
Sigma pats Bass and sends him on his way.
Bass slides down, laying there, twitching, blue faced, eyes whited out.