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Commander Signas
Commander Signas
Name Signas
Species Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Maverick Hunters
Division 1st Command
Character Type Feature Character


Quote: "Ideals are not always for the real world."

After the tragedy of Repliforce, Dr. Cain, grieving over the loss of the reploids he had made among their ranks, and sensing that his long life was nearing its end, took the remains of General and Colonel, and from them and their DNA data, completed his last creation: Signas. Gifted with the most advanced CPU of any reploid of his time, Signas was Cain's final gift to the world, and his hope that his efforts with reploids had not all been for nothing. Beginning his career as a police detective and moving up the ranks through skill and talent, Signas quickly earned the respect of others with his calm, collected, philosopher-general demeanor, and his considerable abilities as leader, investigator, and negotiator. When Dr. Cain was finally laid to rest, Signas was appointed commander in chief of the Maverick Hunters, a duty he has faithfully kept to this day, seeing them through the Eurasia Crash, the Earth Restoration Project, the Nightmare Investigators, Red Alert, and the NewGen Rebellion. Despite his position as a commander, Signas is also a potent combatant, but rarely applies himself to battle, preferring (and often succeeding) in negotiations beforehand.

Recent History

  • Signas has had the dubious honor of taking Lumine on "her" first date.


  • Signas has a habit of smoking cigarettes, something he picked up during his days as a police detective. While it has no real effect on him, he believes that having at least one minor vice keeps him "more human".
  • The Hunters were not always at ease with Signas, particularly when they discovered he had been created from the former leaders of Repliforce.
  • As a Cain Labs creation, Signas is the younger brother of Vile.

Other Art:

Signas, art by Sikibukun

Signas, rescuing Alia. Artist Unknown.