22XX Wiki
Name Sungod
Species Android
Gender Male
Faction Unknown
Division Unknown
Character Type Deceased Character

General Info[]

Quote: "I am Sungod, the doomsday weapon... I must destroy all inferior life forms!"

Sungod was a alien robot discovered by Dr. Wily in the Asteroid belt during the Wily Wars. The technology Wily gained from studying him was used to create the Space Ruler Numbers (Stardroids). Upon awakening, Sungod set out to conquer the universe, but was defeated by Rock using weapons copied from Terra. While this was not Sungod's weakness (no one knows if Sungod even had a weakness), it was able to strike him enough times in rapid succession to damage him. Upon his defeat, Rock offered to take Sungod back to Earth to be repaired, to show him that humans and robots can live in peace. Sungod considered the matter, but stated that he would never be able to see if it were true due to the damage he had received. He told Rock to flee, and Rock escaped Wily's base before Sunstar's fusion reaction went critical, decimating it.


  • Sungod bears a passing resemblance to Pharaoh Man.
  • Sungod's behavior and solar-themed design is similar to Apollo Flame's. They also share the same goal.