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Welcome to Megaman Metaverse[]

Welcome to our wiki. Mega Man Metaverse Mush is an online text-based roleplaying game based on the Mega Man series of games, anime and manga, intended for audiences 16+. The characters and roleplaying scenarios presented on the game are based upon the existing works presented in the official sources, and adapted to a new in-game universe with its own history and conflicts. The story takes place in modern day settings, with characters from other Mega Man series adapted into the twenty first century of an alternate Earth, in which sentient, free-willed machines are in conflict with their human creators.

Game info[]

  • Currently accepted Races: Reploids, Robot Master, Humans, Cyborgs, Humanoids, Net Navi, Free Drones, Limited

If you're interested in participating, see the Getting Started page for information on how.

Connecting to the game[]

MMV is located at: antiverse.org port 2200. You will need a MUSH or MUD client to connect to it.

While it is possible to connect via raw telnet to the game, it is strongly advisable that you download a more suitable client to connect to the game with. The upside is such clients easily store each game's address and bookmark information such as player logins and passwords, which makes connecting and getting onto one push-button when properly setup. Think of it like a client and a front-end for a steam game all in one!

It is recommended but not required that you join the mailing list by e-mailing staff at staff@antiverse.org. The mailing list will be used to provide news about outage status, new server locations, or other important mush wide news.