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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Darkloid Tower. Image taken from Rockman.EXE Axess anime.


The Undernet is cyberspace area that exists separately from normal space, said to be a layer underneath it - hence its name. While the Undernet did not originally connect to cyberspace, Dr. Urakawa, a researcher at SciLab during the early days of network development, discovered its existence and created connecting portals into it. For unexplained reasons, ghost data, network bugs and data fragments all seem to drain into the Undernet. The origins of the Undernet are uncertain, but some autonavis claim that its existence predates current human civilization, by tens of millennia, and was created a hyper-advanced prehistoric civilization.

The full expanse of the Undernet is not currently known; it proceeds into deeper and deeper layers and becomes prohibitively more difficult to navigate due to the increased power of the virus life forms that live there. Viruses are known to originate from the Undernet, where they move into normal Cyberspace and create havoc in network systems. Alpha-class civilian Net Navis are easy prey for the denizens of the Undernet, and are frequently advised or even outright forbidden from entering the Undernet. Criminal Navis find the Undernet a convenient hideout - if they can learn to survive in the depths. Darkloids also call the Undernet home.

It is rumored that SciLab in its early days used the Undernet as a dumping ground for dangerous information and secret projects they never intended to see the light of day, and after the Alpha Incident, these rumors have gained credibility.

Notable Regions

The majority of the undernet resembles a dark wasteland that could be compared to a visual Hell; the skies are either black or static, and the ground is rock, dirt and bones; traveled pathways are decorated in enormous claws, darkly colored metal tiles and burning torches. Some portions of the Undernet, however, are more reminiscent of paradise; these rare areas are visual models of ancient human civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Mezoamerica and Arabia at their peak.

Area 001

Metool Village. Excerpt from the Megaman NT Warrior Manga.

The central "gate" of the Undernet, a region of lightless space into which all cyberworld data fragments flow.

The Frontier

Also known as the Metool Village, this is the edge of the Undernet, constantly being built and expanded by the effort of Metool Viruses.

The Dark Sanctuary

A wasteland and graveyard, obscured by a thick fog of darkness. The Unknown Temple lies within its murky depths.

Darkloid Tower

The fortress home of the Darkloids, and capital of their territory within the Undernet.

The Gate of Honor

The paradise realm of the Underking, ruler of the Undernet. Few have ever found it, and fewer still have ever returned.