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This article is not canon to the mush and contains references to people and events that do not exist in the current theme.

Professor Shinsuke Utagai
Professor Shinsuke Utagai
Name Utagai Shinsuke
Species Human
Gender Male
Faction Satellite Police
Division SciLab
Character Type Feature Character

Quote: "What do you think of the FM life form's abilities? They are a magnificent species. I have far greater trust in them than the liars that make up mankind."

General Information[]

Utagai Shinsuke is a scientist that works in the Amaken laboratories. He is, in spite of his usually meek demeanor, a rather brilliant inventor of things involving the use of various radio waves. He has thus far created an item capable of specifically tracing the wave signature of the Andromeda key as well as a winged back pack that allows humans to fly with the use of radio waves. In his free time he is currently attempting to create a new, MUCH wider scale, invention than the both of those.

Utagai Shinsuke grew up as a rather unpopular child. He had no friends, was often bullied, and was far too naive for his own good. Thus he was often played tricks upon, and grew up as someone rather meek and hesitant to relate to others. He did well in school and his head was always in the clouds. The time that most would spend on friends was instead spent on studying and imagining up different inventions.

Having graduated with fairly good credentials, Utagai became hired by Amaken, and for reasons unknown, despite having a part in the creation of the brother band, he was uncredited. Utagai's previous issues combined with this, causing him to withdraw into himself even more. He became extremely paranoid of humanity in general, because it became clearer to him that everyone only seemed to want to lie to him, hurt him, or steal from him.

One day the FMian Cygnus Wing appeared to him while he was driving, offering him a way to deal with his problems. At first Utagai was reculant, but he quickly gave in to the FMian's requests. After this the two were able to Denpa Henken into Cygnus Wing. Utagai then began showing more and more uncharacteristically irritable behavior, mentioning tiredness or the car accident he'd had upon meeting Cygnus as a possible reason. However, he eventually adopted something more akin to Cygnus' personality in whole, and his true personality hasn't appeared for some time now.

Recent History[]

  • Utagai managed to befriend Denji, who is the only human he currently feels any trust toward, as odd as it might be since Denji is a child.
  • Utagai, in the place of a great deal of sleep, created an invention capable of tracing the Andromeda key.
  • Utagai met with Mariah Fox and several FMians.


  • While Utagai's english dub name is Tom Dubious, the translation of his Japanese name of Shinsuke Utagai (in English name order) is Sagacious help Doubt.
  • Shinsuke is always refered to by his last name. His name of Shinsuke rarely ever shows up.


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Other Artwork[]

Shinsuke Utagai. Art by Sikibukun.

Utagai goes On Air! Art by Sikibukun.

Utagai all fired up to invent! Screencap from the Starforce anime.