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"Vent Tempest", Model X Mega Man
"Vent Tempest", Model X Mega Man
Name Vent
Species Humanoid
Gender Male
Faction Civilians
Division Civilians
Character Type Feature Character

Model X

Model ZX

"Give me the strength to fight for those I care about!"


Vent comes across as a rather ordinary youth to most people, though is far from one. As part of a special project to develop a new life form, Vent and his twin sister Aile are two creations of a select few, altogether different from anyone else on Earth: the first true fusion of man and machine, known as Humanoid. Able to summon and adapt to a special device known as biometal that gives incredible capability to those chosen for them, Vent and his sister stand out as the only two able to adapt to any biometal unit, and are both, separately, known as Mega Man Model X. Incredibly powerful and ever-adapting, Vent sometimes is wary of his own abilities, but has grown to learn and understand his responsibility with his new power. Part of a family with Aile, with the Model Z biomatch as a father to them both, Giro, Vent lives as a transporter of goods and works alongside his family in a business known as Giro Express, searching for information on who they really are, and a means to end what he's coming to understand as the Game of Destiny.

Acquired Forms[]

  • Human - Vent, as a humanoid, already seems to perform above and beyond what most other people can do. Faster, better at taking hits, and agile, he doesn't usually use weapons other than biometal, but he can still hang in there without them.
  • Model X - A basic form, and the biometal he was created to adapt to. By itself, the Model X form is rather spartan and simple, featuring the capabilities of X, minus the ability to copy weapons, and including the capability to fire off back-to-back charge shots. However, the true capability of Model X, and Vent's DNA, is the ability to Double Rock-On... to merge with more than one biometal simultaneously for increased ability and power. Regardless, this is Vent's most power-oriented form, with his buster gun capable of devastating almost anything.
  • Model ZX - Giro's Biometal, Model Z, fused with the abilities of Model X. A balanced and powerful form capatilizing on the speed and skill bestowed by Z along with the raw power of X, including a variable weapon which can be used as either a sword or a hand-held gun.

General Information[]



  • 01 - Vent and X meet again in Electown, for a friendly thank you, discussion, and revelation of the twins' trump card.