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Vin's Law: Concentrated evil is combustible.[]

Vin's Law states: 'The amount of evil, multiplied by the effectiveness of their plans, is directly proportionate to the flammability of an individual.'

For example, Dr. Wily is an evil guy, but he just wants mining robots. (Dr. Wily: "Yes... all will be mined.") So let's give him an evil rating of, say, eight on a scale of one to ten. Effectiveness? Not very. Sure, he has a half dozen robot masters take over some areas, but no civilians get killed, and a robot who wears his underwear on the outside has an annoying tendency to hit the weak spot for massive damage, so let's call his effectiveness a three. After all, he keeps coming back over and over and has the brains to use a fake Wily to escape when it inevitably fails. Well, that gives an overall score of 24... which on our scale is not really that high; a hundred would be the worst possible score to get here. Wily may get blown up every so often, but he survives fine and goes back to the drawing board.

Now let's take, oh, Vincent Ormr. How evil was he? More evil than Wily, if a different sort of evil; he's a serial killer. He has no compunction about killing and torturing anyone he feels like. So that's a ten. How effective is he? He's got a very large collection of memorabilia from everyone and everything he's killed, whether human or reploid. His safehouse is a fortress even if you can't tell that from the outside. I would say that, so long as he's evil, his effectiveness is probably an eight or perhaps even a nine. His plans take a while to come to fruition but he makes sure there's no way for them to go wrong. Which gives us a 90. On a scale of 100.

How did Vincent Ormr die? He was electrocuted by dark energy lightning, then when Master Albert died, Vin's own grenades went off and blew him quite literally in half.

Of course, the problem with evil is that it just won't stay dead.

Michael's Correlary to Vin's Law: "The evil within a person tends to concentrate within the right lung."