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Maverick Virus[]

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Cyber Virus[]

Swordy Virus

Existing almost exclusively within cyberspace, the cyber-virus is a type of simple (usually) life form composed of data and energy. Curiously, viruses in cyberspace appeared on their own soon after the creation of the first cyberspace network, known as the Protonet. It is currently believed that all cyberspace viruses originate in the Undernet and find their way into cyberspace through hidden links between the two. These viruses cause damage to existing network systems and data, and are kept under control by "virus busting" performed by Net Navis, who delete virus outbreaks when they arise. Anything not created by human efforts (such as a Net Navi) are considered viruses. Some virus life forms can be "tamed" by being fed data energy, and can be used by Net Navis towards useful purposes.

The Limited Virus[]

Replibrain Limited attacking Megaman X.

Very little is known about the Limited Virus at this time, at least to the Maverick Hunters and the rest of the world. More accurately named the Replibrain Limited, the virus is actually a techno-organic parasite that bonds to reploid, robot master and humanoid hosts, influencing their behavior and gathering information about their physiology and neural functions when they are in combat. The Replibrain Limited increases aggression in infected individuals, affecting their conscience/morality programming, and has been known to cause physiological changes such as altered appearance, along with increased strength and agility. Most notable, however, is the capacity of the Replibrain Limited to revive deceased or destroyed individuals, repairing physiological damage at an alarming rate.

It is believed that the irregular reploid iZero is "patient zero" for Limited infection.